David Vintiner
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Transhuman This eye-opening project explores the Transhumanist movement and its potential implications for the future of humanity. Transhumanism is the belief that human beings are destined to transcend their mortal flesh through technology. 
Transhumanists believe our biology constrains our experience of reality and refuse to accept what nature has given us. From bionic eyes to designing new senses and extending life expectancy, they are redefining what it means to be human.
This is a collaboration with art director by Gem Fletcher.

Los Hombres de Musgo
Since 1397 the small town of Béjar, Spain, has held up an intriguing tradition with the festival of “Los Hombres de Musgo”.  The story goes that the Christian population reconquered the town from the “Moros” by camouflaging themselves with moss.  They then crawled through the surrounding landscape unseen by the lookouts on the city walls.  When they finally arrived at the city gates their sudden, monstrous appearance completely surprised and overwhelmed the guards.

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