Hannah Slaney

We are beyond excited to introduce our freshest signing, London-based food, drinks and still life photographer & director Hannah Slaney.
Playful, innovative and quirky, Hannah’s work is an explosion of fun and unexpected colour combinations, patterns, ideas and motion
Her personal work is concept-led and experimental, inspired by kitsch and nostalgia and often based on memories and observations around food and everyday life. 
She is an avid collector of random objects, postcards and memorabilia, all which feed into her stories, set-ups and aesthetics. Hannah’s eye-popping, saturated stills and animations are whimsical and serious, minimal and complicated and familiar and strange – all at the same time.
Hannah collaborates with a range of stylists and art directors to develop and execute her projects – and has been sought after by both new and established brands for her creative and playful approach to colour, motion, stills and props.

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